Widex Unique 220 Fusion




$3300.00  $1150.00 ea

Product Description

Widex UNIQUE 220

The Widex UNIQUE 220 offers great hearing and understanding in average listing situations, including background noise.


Unique digital platform

– 6 independent channels

– 108 dB linear input dynamic range (Industrial Leading)

– 4 independent analog-to-digital converters

– 6 channel adaptive directionality

– Microphone array adjustment


Great sound quality

– InterEar Sound Class System

– 3 automatically optimized sound environments

– InterEar variable speed compression


Great listening comfort in noise

– Standard Wind Noise Reduction

– Soft Level Noise Reduction

– TruSound Softener

– Noise Reduction


Great user-friendly operation

– Preference Control (Audibility vs Comfort)

– Up to 3 programs for specific listening environments

– Smartphone app via COM-DEX

– Battery life – less than 1.0 mA current drain


Great Wireless connectivity

– Widex Link Wireless platform

– InterEar communication

– Full family of Dex wireless accessories


Great tinnitus management

– InterEar ZEN

– Fractal tone therapy

– Broadband and frequency shaped noise

– Up to 5 user programs

– Volume and timer option


Great frequency range expansion

– Unique audibility extender

– High frequency lowering

– Maximum hearing of soft speech /whispers

Additional information


Both Sides (Pair), Left Side, Right Side

Widex Color Options

Cappuccino Brown, Copper Brown, Lime Green, Mediterranean Turquoise, Metallic Blue, Midnight Black, Pearl White, Shocking Pink, Sporty Red, Summer Gold, Tan Silk, Titan Grey, Warm Beige, Winter Silver