Widex Dream 440 Fusion




$2700.00  $1350.00 ea

Product Description


15-channel processing

  • Precise fit for challenging hearing losses
  • Optimal responsiveness to your every listening environment

Channel-specific directionality, Reverse Focus and FreeFocus

  • Ultimate clarity for speech coming from any direction

InterEar Speech Enhancer SII

  • Enhances the dominant voice in a crowd

TruSound Compression and EDRC with low kneepoint

  • Ultimatel listening comfort
  • Effective background noise reduction
  • Better hearing for soft and distant speech

Personal Audibility Extender

  • Customized enhanced high-frequency emphasis for more brilliant sound

InterEar Feedback Canceling

  • Stops annoying hearing aid whistling before it starts

15-channel HD Locator

  • Helps you find the source and direction of sounds

TRUE Integrated Signal Processing

  • Preserves sound’s fine details and subtle nuances, without the echo

InterEarTM technology

  • Seamlessly synchronizes both hearing aids for natural sound
  • Simulates natural binaural 

DEX Assistive Listening Devices

  • Ultimate connectivity with your favorite audio devices
  • Optional remote control provides added control

Additional information


Both Sides (Pair), Left Side, Right Side

Widex Color Options

Cappuccino Brown, Copper Brown, Lime Green, Mediterranean Turquoise, Metallic Blue, Midnight Black, Pearl White, Shocking Pink, Sporty Red, Summer Gold, Tan Silk, Titan Grey, Warm Beige, Winter Silver