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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion



  • Smart Phone Connecting
  • Money Back Guarantee!
  • 3 Year Repair Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss and Damage Coverage
  • Wireless Hearing Aid Platform

$3899.00  $1700.00 ea


  • Widex Remote Programming Services for More Than 10 Years
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description

Widex Beyond Made for Smartphones

Stay connected with the latest in Made-for-Smartphone hearing aids. The Widex Beyond hearing aids allow you to adjust your hearing aids with the marvelous Beyond app, which works on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. With high tech connectivity and unbelievable sound quality, Beyond hearing aids will help you to hear better in even the most chaotic situations. You will also be able to use your hearing aids for longer periods of time since the Beyond consumes less power than other similar size hearing aids.

” I love the iPhone App for the Widex Beyond hearing aids. The control over my hearing aids is amazing. The ability to stream and take phone calls is a boost for my active lifestyle. Truly 21st century technology.”

– Joe S.
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Beyond Features

 Beyond Fusion 2 RIC
Hardware Features 
Battery Size312
IP Rating 68 
Made for iPhone 
Volume Control 
Push Button 

Widex Beyond Technology Levels

Manufacture Warranty3 years3 years3 years
Loss & Damage3 years3 years3 years
Processing Channels15106
WidexLink Wireless Connectivity   
High Frequency Boost 
Preference Control   
SmartWind Manager 
TrueSound Softner   
Noise Reduction   
Audibility Extender   

Beyond Features

  • Cutting-Edge Connectivity – Beyond App, ComDex Accessories and Made-for-Smartphone direct streaming
  • Superior Sound Quality – Widex advanced processing ensures the best possible sound quality 
  • Longer Battery Life – Widex Beyond is more efficient and uses less power than other hearing aids that stream audio

Widex Com-Dex Accessories

Three main features set BEYOND apart from other hearing aids: a more complete sound picture, incredible sound discrimination, and automatic adjustment to your sonic environment. The wider sound picture captures both loud and soft sounds in comfort, in any setting. BEYOND’s sound reduction system ensures that you can still hear speech in windy environments, and its automatic detection feature ensures that you will hear the right sound at the right time in the right place.

BEYOND is a fully automatic hearing aid. It processes sounds in your environment and quickly makes adjustments so that your listening experience is truly seamless. This is especially valuable when you are in an environment with distracting background noise, or when you are moving from quiet to noisy areas and vice versa. By filtering out unwanted sounds, your listening experience is much cleaner and clearer. Via a wireless connection with Com-Dex accessories (see below), BEYOND hearing aids can connect to your smartphone for a completely hands-free experience. All hearing features and volume adjustments may be made with the Com-Dex app as well.

Widex COM-DEX Wireless Hearing Aid Accessory

Com-Dex Streamer

This is a tiny, hands-free communication device you wear around your neck. These allow you to connect to up to two phones with your Widex hearing aids, streaming phone calls, music, and other media directly to your ears.

Com-Dex Remote Mic

This remote microphone connects to the Com-Dex streamer, to pick up speech in difficult settings, such as group conversations, dinner parties, in the car, or outdoors. Amplified speech sounds are streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Com-Dex App

Allows you to adjust volume settings on your aids, choose the direction of sounds you want to hear, stream from the Com-Dex device for several hours (including from media on your phone), and keep track of your battery status. The COM-DEX app is also available for Apple Watch! (free for download to your smartphone)

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