FaVor Open Fit Hearing Aid


Also known as an Open Fit, Open Ear or Thin Tube hearing aid. This design is almost invisible. For high-frequency hearing loss, it is the hearing aid of choice.


The FaVor Open Fit Hearing Aid is our smallest and most cost effective hearing aid. The FaVor Open Fit Hearing Aid is an affordable yet discreet design for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss. The open tip design allows for a more natural sound, eliminating that plugged up feeling (occlusion). The discreet fit and size has made the thin tube BTE very popular.


  • Power level: Mild to Moderate hearing loss, HFA full-on gain: 25 dB
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Technology helps reduce feedback
  • Up to 4 Independently Programmable Memories
  • Tri-Layered Noise Reduction
  • Memory Change & Low Battery Indicator
  • 12 bands of Gain Adjustment
  • Fixed directional processing – Focuses on the sounds you want to hear in noisy situations
  • 4 channel Wide Dynamic Range Compression
  • Active Telecoil (T-Coil) for telephone use
  • Wide Band Maximum Power Output (MPO) Limiting
  • Programmable Power-on Delay with Adjustable Level
  • Uses size 10 battery
  • Available in Bronze, Charcoal, and Metallic Black

If you include a copy of your latest hearing test (audiogram), we will preprogram the hearing aid(s) for you prior to shipping. You can fax your hearing test to us at (765) 588-0408 or eMail it to us at medrecords@hearsource.com

Additional information

Which Ear

Both Ears, Left, Right


Bronze, Charcoal, Metallic Black