eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programming Kit



Adjust your HearSource Personal Programmable Hearing Aids using our eMiniTec hearing aid programmer kit. Any hearing aid from HearSource with the “Personal Programmable” label can be used with the eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer. With this hearing aid programming kit, we can also remotely program your hearing aid for you utilizing an internet connected PC or laptop. Hearing Aid Programming Kit Includes:

  • eMiniTec Hearing Aid Programmer
  • USB  Cable
  • Hearing Aid Programming Cables
  • HearSource Hearing Aid Fitting Software

“How is your hearing now?” That is a question asked by every hearing aid care professional at each appointment, but how do you answer it? Explaining to someone else how or what you are hearing is difficult. Every individual has a unique hearing loss, individual lifestyle, activities, and environments that are specific to that one person. Your hearing aids should be adjusted to your unique hearing loss and to your specific likes and desires. The eMiniTec Personal Hearing Aid Programmer Kit allows you the capability to program your hearing aids whenever and wherever you want.