Widex COM-DEX Accessory for Wireless Hearing Aids


Compatible with Widex Passion, Fusion,  and Custom Styles. COM-DEX is designed to work with all of Widex wireless hearing aids including; Dream, Unique, Beyond, and Evoke Hearing Aids.  All models: 110, 220, 330 & 440.

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COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free communication device that streams high-quality sound to your Widex hearing aids. The hands-free solution COM-DEX hangs around your neck and connects wirelessly to the digital world.  With the popular COM-DEX app (available on IOS and Android) you can easily control your hearing aids via COM-DEX from your smartphone.


Some of the things you can do with COM-DEX app:• Adjust volume, change programs or alter sound levels of hearing aids directly
• Choose the direction of the sound
• Stream high-quality music or other sound for hours
• See COM-DEX battery status.Now, for even more convenience, you can discreetly control your hearing aids via Apple Watch™ on your wrist.


You can connect COM-DEX to two phones.

This means that if you have work phone and a private phone, you can take calls through COM-DEX on either. Or use one for phone conversations, and the other for music. It’s up to you.

COM-DEX is available in three colors for more personal feeling:  Champagne White, Anthracite Grey and Emerald Green.

The Widex COM-DEX Accessory can help stream high-quality sound to your hearing aid. This is a hands-free solution: start hearing better today!

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Champagne White, Anthracite Grey, Emerald Green