Hearing Aid Thin Tubes


Hearing Aid Thin Tubes Hearing aid thin tubes are robust, semi-rigid conduits to channel sound directly into your ear canal from the BTE hearing aid’s receiver. Their small diameter makes them both nearly invisible and weightless.


These tubes can be comfortably worn with your eyeglasses, and can be fit with a broad variety of tips designed to either close off peripheral sound for severe hearing challenges, or to limit occlusion by providing good air and sound flow around the tube for those with less severe hearing loss.

Can be purchased with or without concha locks in some cases. Most tubes fit most types of tube tips.

Images are not actual size

Note: If you are not certain of your style or size needs, call us about a sample pack. 1-800-416-2434

Compatibility:  (More being added daily!)
Audicus Dia II
Audicus Oro
Arro Open
Embrace Hearing
Embrace Hearing H-300
Embrace Hearing H-700
Embrace Hearing H-100
FreeStyle 212
FreeStyle 812
ReVel OpenFit
FaVor OpenFit
HiHealth Innovations (HI)
MDHearing Control
Claret Open
Evoke Open
Monet Open
Ole Open
Phonak Exelia Art
Phonak Exelia Art M
Phonak Exelia Art P
Phonak Exelia Art SP
Phonak Exelia
Phonak Exelia P
Phonak Exelia SP
Phonak Exelia M
Phonak MicroEleva
Phonak MicroSavia
Phonak MicroSavia CRT
Phonak Extra
Phonak Extra 211AZ
Phonak Certena Art
Phonak Certena Art P
Phonak Certena Art SP
Phonak Certena Art M
Phonak Cassia
Phonak Certena
Phonak Certena P
Phonak Certena SP
Phonak Certena M
Phonak Milo Plus
Phonak Milo Plus Micro
Phonak Milo Plus SP
Phonak Milo Plus UP
Phonak Versata Art
Phonak Versata Art M
Phonak Versata Art P
Phonak Versata Art SP
Phonak Solana
Phonak Versata
Phonak Versata P
Phonak Versata SP
Phonak Versata M
Phonak Naida S
Phonak Naida S SP
Phonak Naida S UP
Phonak Naida
Phonak Naida UP
Phonak Naida SP
Phonak Naida Q Series
Phonak Savia
Phonak Savia Art 200 DSZ
Phonak Savia 111 dSZ
Phonak OK! Plus
Phonak OK! Plus M
Phonak OK! Plus SP
Phonak OK! Plus UP
Phonak Ambra
Phonak Audeo
Phonak Audeo YES Series
Phonak Audeo V Series
Phonak Audeo Smart Series
Phonak Audeo Q Series
Phonak Audeo S Mini Series
Phonak Audeo S Smart Series
Phonak Audeo S YES Series
Phonak Audeo Q
Phonak Audeo Mini Series
ReSound Air
ReSound Air 60+
ReSound Alera
ReSound Alera BTE
ReSound Azure
ReSound Essence
ReSound Live
ReSound Live 561
ReSound Live 571
ReSound Live 581
ReSound Live 61
ReSound Live 71
ReSound Live 761
ReSound Live 771
ReSound Live 781
ReSound Live 81
ReSound MA
ReSound MA 1
ReSound MA 2
ReSound Metrix
ReSound Metrix Mini
ReSound Metrix MX70-DVI
ReSound Metrix regular
ReSound Pixel
ReSound Pixel mini
ReSound Pixel regular
ReSound Plus5
ReSound Plus5 Mini
ReSound Plus5 regular
ReSound Pulse
ReSound Silhouette
ReSound Sparx
ReSound X-plore
ReSound Ziga
Unitron Conversa
Unitron Conversa NT Moda
Unitron Element
Unitron Element Modas
Unitron Indigo
Unitron Indigo Moda
Unitron Latitude
Unitron Latitude Moxis
Unitron Moxi
Unitron Moxi 12
Unitron Moxi 2 Series
Unitron Moxi 20
Unitron Moxi 3G
Unitron Moxi 6
Unitron Moxi Dura
Unitron Moxi E
Unitron Moxi Fit
Unitron Moxi Fit R
Unitron Moxi Kiss
Unitron Moxi Now
Unitron Moxi Pro
Unitron Next
Unitron Next Moxis
Unitron NT
Unitron NT Moda
Unitron Passport
Unitron Passport Moxis
Unitron Quantum
Unitron Quantum 12
Unitron Quantum 2 Series
Unitron Quantum 20
Unitron Quantum 6
Unitron Quantum E
Unitron Quantum Pro
Unitron Shift
Unitron Shift Moxis
Unitron Stride
Unitron Stride M
Unitron Unison
Unitron Unison Modas
Unitron Yuu
Unitron Yuu Moxis
Zounds Clareza
Zounds Impreza
Zounds Potenz
Zounds Prezia
Zounds Riazo

Additional information


Both Sides (Pair), Left Side, Right Side

Tube Length

0b, 1b, 2b, 3b

Tube Diameter

0.9m, 1.3m